Animal Crossing New Horizons Review & Everything You Must Now

animal crossing new horizon review

Animal Crossing New Horizons now available for Nintendo Switch on worldwide. This is the first Animal Crossing titles for the newest Nintendo console. It took quite a long time I could say since Animal Crossing is one of the best-selling franchise that only release on Nintendo console.


As always, you better read Animal Crossing: New Horizon review we made before decide to buy this game. Because Animal Crossing is a simulation game that isn’t like The Sims. Its more cartoony, fantasy, and very light.

Especially if Switch is your first Nintendo console or you haven’t played any Animal Crossing game from the previous console. This game definitely will bring a new and fresh feeling for you.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gameplay

As been said before, Animal Crossing: New Horizons genre is a fantasy life simulation. But unlike The Sims, in this game, you’ll not only live with human. You’ll also share your world with talking animals and any weird but friendly creatures.

In this game, you can customize your own world. Including make your own customize house interior, garden, even moving mountain and making waterfall. There’s a different variety of tools you can use that specialize for every single thing.

At first, you’ll experience a slow-paced start. Comparing to the previous titles, Animal Crossing New Horizons has a slower start.

But don’t worry, you’ll catch up when you arrive more than 5 or 10 hours gameplay. At first, all you can do is collecting fruits, collecting rock, collecting bugs, and more collecting.

Like any other Animal Crossing titles, there’s various activity you can do on your island. Such as fishing, mining, gardening, decorating, and many more. And there’s various in-game season based on real-time.

When you start your game, you won’t get access to every tool available. But when it does, the real game only just started. You can customize literally everything, including making a pool in the middle of the beach.

So basically, you’ll be playing as a mayor or governor in this game. And your task is to develop the island you live in, from scratch. When you stuck on ideas, you can visit other player’s islands to see how they’ve made their island.


As been said before, you’ll be playing as a mayor who needs to develop the infrastructure of your own island. At first, the island only lived by two villagers and industrious raccoon family. And maybe some trees, rocks, and sea.

After that, you can start developing other building to fill your island with. Such as museums, shops, and many more. And of course, it’ll take a load of hours to develop your island into what you want to be. So prepare yourself for more than 100 hours gameplay with tons of collecting and building.

Like any other simulation game, there’s no real ending in Animal Crossing New Horizons. No matter how good your island is, you can still play and develop new things. And if you bored, which I doubt you will, playing new game from scratch isn’t a bad idea either.

That is all for our Animal Crossing New Horizons review. If you’ve played the previous Animal Crossing titles, I guarantee you’ll love this one as well. But if you haven’t and don’t really like simulation game, maybe this game isn’t for you.

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