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20 March Game Releases in 2020 that Worth Waiting

Every March Games Releases

March is one of the busiest months in 2020 for gaming industries because almost every March game releases are AAA and AA games that come out for multi-platform. No wonder if many gamers feel both sad and happy knowing there’ll be a lot of games coming in March and they need to prepare their wallet.

Unlike last month, which mostly only has released remake, port, or indie games, March has a lot more variety of games waiting. Either upcoming games 2020 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or even iOS and Android.

So if you haven’t decided yet on what to buy this March, we have listed off every March game releases in 2020 that could help you choose.

Top 7 March 2020 Games Releases

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Animal crossing
Animal crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizon is one of the most waited upcoming Switch games. If you’ve followed Nintendo console from Gamecube or 3DS, you must’ve known that Animal Crossing is one of their best franchise from generation.

Just like the other titles, you’ll also playing as a mayor in Animal Crossing: New Horizon. It is your job to develop a city that been lived by a variety kind of animals. Animal Crossing: New Horizon will release soon on March 20th, 2020 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.


2. Granblue Fantasy Versus

Grand blue fantasy

If you’re an anime lover or have played the MMORPG version of this game, you must be familiar with Granblue Fantasy titles. Granblue Fantasy previously famous from its browser game which releases about 6 years ago by Cygames.

And now, Cygames publish a new GBF game for console named Granblue Fantasy Versus with Sega. Unlike the browser version which has MMORPG genre, Granblue Fantasy Versus is fighting with similar gameplay like Tekken or Street Fighter. But, it has GBF character with all character fully voiced over by famous seiyuu or voice actors and actresses. Granblue Fantasy Versus released on March 3rd for PS4 and March 13th for PC.

3. Nioh 2

Every March Games Releases

Another AAA games release in March is Nioh 2. Even though it’s using “2” on its titles, but Nioh 2 set in the late 1500’s Japan. That means this game is a prequel for the first Nioh.

Nioh 2 still has a similar gameplay with the previous game. You can still customize your yokai character as you want to be. There are also some new variety of weapons choices like Odachi and Kusarigama. Nioh 2 release date is on March 12th for Japan and 14th for world wide. And this game is exclusively for PS4. You can check your PS Store for pre-order.


4. Doom Eternal

Dom eternal

The next March game releases is Doom Eternal, which also one of the most waited for upcoming games in 2020. Because Doom is quite legendary and memorable for gamers, especially for those who play on original Nintendo 64.

Doom Eternal is the sequel for Doom titles that release in 2016 and become the fifth title from the franchise. Doom Eternal release date will be on March 20th, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. As for the Nintendo Switch, the release date isn’t announced yet but it will be in this year.

5. Doom 64

Like what’ve been said before, Doom Eternal really take serious nostalgic feeling for those who have played this game back in Nintendo 64. But if you haven’t got a chance to play before, you don’t need to worry. Because Midway Games will make a port version for PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

Doom 64 will release soon on March 20th, 2020 for both PC, PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch. This game really uses the same version as the Nintendo 64 version.


6. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 upcoming Switch in 2020

One of the legendary anime, One Piece, also will release new games title in March 2020. That is One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 that will release soon on March 27th. For you who love this masterpiece from Eichiro Oda either in anime or manga, playing One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 will let you enjoy this masterpiece from another ways.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 will be the sequel of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 that release in 2015. There’ll be new features including the latest Titan Mode that has a more strategic gameplay that fighting and action. One Piece: Pirates Warriors 4 will be available for PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


7. Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 royal coming out in 2020

And the last March game releases that’ll come out the exact last March is Persona 5 Royal from Atlus. Before deciding to buy this game, you need to know that this isn’t a sequel from Persona 5. Instead, this is an expansion pack with mostly Persona 5 stories and some new original stories.

Persona 5 Royal will be releasing on March 31st, 2020 exclusively for PS4. In order to understand this game, you don’t need to finish the previous titles. Because Persona 5 Royal includes the previous Persona 5 whole stories.


Another 13 March Games

If the top 7 March games haven’t satisfied you yet, here’s another 13 games that also release in March 2020. Mostly these games was a port from other console and indie games that worth buying.

8. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX (Nintendo Switch)
9. Murder by Numbers (PC & Nintendo Switch )
10. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Android & iOS)
11. MLB The Show 20 (PS4)
12. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III (PC)
13. Yu Gi Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
14. Pathologic II (PS4)
15. Langriser I & II (PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4)
16. My Hero: One’s Justice 2 (PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC)
17. Bleeding Edge (Xbox One, PC)
18. Saint Row IV: Re-Elected (Nintendo Switch)
19. Ori and the Will of the Wisps (Xbox One, PC)
20. Ibb & Obb (Nintendo Switch)


And that is all, every March game releases you can buy. Some of the games like Nioh 2 has already open pre-order. So now, prepare your wallet and console, because March 2020 will force you to buy many great games from any console.

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Top 30 Best AAA Games in 2019 from Every Console

Best AAA games in 2019

There are a lot of AAA games that coming out in 2019, but still there are just a few best AAA games in 2019. Even though it’s about a year late, but all these games are still relevant and worth to buy. Since it’s AAA games anyways that won’t be aged in just a few months.

For you who haven’t understood yet about AAA, AA, and A games, basically AAA game is some specific game who made by the highest budget. Usually, AAA games developed and published by big game companies like EA, Ubisoft, 2K, and many more.

All right, without any further ado, here are the top 30 best AAA games in 2019 that still worth buying.

Best AAA Games in 2019

1. Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 Remake also be the best AAA games
Resident Evil 2 Remake

Who doesn’t love Resident Evil? This one of the greatest franchises in gaming history made every fan waited for new game releases.

This also proved by Resident Evil 2 Remake who become one of the nominees on The Best Action Game at The Games Award. Resident Evil 2 Remake also nominated on The Game of the Years on The Game Awards, even though this game didn’t come out as the winner.

As what it’s named, Resident Evil 2 Remake is a remake version of the original Resident Evil 2 that came out in 1998 on PS1. The story set in Raccoon City which been affected by a massive bioweapon virus named T – Virus. Following Leon S Kennedy, a rookie sheriff officer who wants to visit his City Police Departement, and Claire Redfield, a young college student who is looking for her brother named Chriss Redfield.

You can play either as Claire or Leon. And the two of them have a different story but still involve each other.

Capcom also made a slightly different on Resident Evil 2 Remake. This game has a lot of action based feeling than the previous Resident Evil series. But, there are still a bunch of puzzles you need to solve.


2. Death Stranding

Death Stranding
Death Stranding

In late 2019, there’s one game that has been waited for quite long. That is Death Stranding by Kojima Production, which become another best AAA games in 2019 after they won Best Game Direction at The Game Awards.

Death Standing brings back a unique and fresh gameplay for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Since almost every game lately being so similar to fighting, shooting, looting, or racing game, Death Stranding came out with a new concept which you need to delivering stuff.

They do has fighting, shooting, and stealth aspect in Death Stranding, but mostly you’ll just walking and exploring a post-apocalypse world with beautiful views.

Death Stranding also has a deep story with a complicated plot, just like any other Kojima game. This game set in America which has been split into smaller nations because of the apocalypse. Your mission is to unite them all into one big nation again.

3. Devil May Cry 5

One of the best AAA games is Devil May Cry 5
Devil May Cry 5

Another best action game in 2019 is Devil May Cry 5. Just like Resident Evil, Devil May Cry also one of the most legendary game franchise which has been famous since the first title on PS2.

Devil May Cry 5 likely become the last Devil May Cry title. Because of the long journey about Vergil vs Dante ended here. Vergil finally confronted Dante to end up his grudge to his twin sibling. The story also involves Nero from Devil May Cry 4 and V, a new character that still has a connection with Vergil.

At The Game Awards, Devil May Cry 5 won The Best Action Game and being nominated as one of The Game of the Year.

4. Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice

The next best AAA games in 2019 is Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice by From Software. We could say that this game is literally the best game in 2019 since it won the Game of the Year at The Game Awards.

Sekiro published by Activision and developed by From Software. Two of them are the same publisher and developer who made Tenchu game back in PS1 and PS2. In fact, Sekiro also has the same vibe, gameplay, and overall story with the Tenchu series.

Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice tells the story about a samurai who’s badly injured after saving his master. His master was kidnaped by rival kingdoms and the kidnaper thinks he is dead. But no, the samurai lived with his wounded arm replace by the prosthetic arm.

One of the best things in Sekiro is this game has an insanely hard difficulty like Dark Souls. Since this game also developed by the same company that made Dark Souls series.

5. Apex Legends (Free AAA Games)

Apex legends is the best AAA games in 2019

Unlike the other best AAA games in 2019, Apex Legends came as a free game. And that means Apex Legends is the best free game in 2019 because of its fame.

When there’s a huge protest to EA about how the made paid game with a lot of DLC and loot boxes, EA surprisingly came out with a new free to play games named Apex Legends. And this game become the answer to their fan’s protest.

Apex Legends is an FPS game with Battle Royale gameplay which really popular in 2019. Even though Apex Legends also had a lot of loot boxes and gacha in it, but fans seem quite happy since it was a free game anyway.

Another 25 Best AAA Games in 219

6. Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4 & Xbox One)
7. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order ( PS4, Xbox One & PC)
8. Life Is Strange 2 (Xbox One, PS4, & PC)
9. Luigi’s Mansion 3 ( Switch)
10. Fire Emblem: Three Houses ( Switch)
11. Pokemon Sword & Shield (Switch)
12. Judgment (PS4)
13. Mortal Kombat 11 (Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One)
14. A Plague Tale: Innocence (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
15. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Switch)
16. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
17. Yoshi’s Crafted World (Switch)
18. Control (PS4, PC, Xbox One)
19. The Division 2 (Stadia, Xbox One, PS4, PC)
20. Anthem (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
21. Metro Exodus (PS4, Stadia, Xbox One, PC)
22. Far Cry New Dawn (PS4, PC, Xbox One)
23. Astral Chain (Switch)
24. Rage 2 (PC)
25. Ace Combat 7 (PC, Xbox One, PS4)
26. Crackdown 3 (Xbox One, PC)
27. Gears 5 (Xbox One)
28. Borderlands 3 (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
29. Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout (PC, Switch, PS4)
30. Need For Speed Heat (PC, PS, Xbox One)

And that is all for 30 best AAA games in 2019 that still worth buying from every next-gen console and PC. If you haven’t tried these games yet, it’s never to late to play this game out.

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√ The Witcher 3 Switch After Patch Review

the witcher 3 review switch

2020 become one of the best The Witcher years, since they sold 665% higher after The Witcher 3 Switch release. Actually, Switch version is not the only reason why suddenly The Witcher 3 selling become massively high. The other reason is because CD Projects Red also make The Witcher live action version that release on Netflix, which now going to Season 2.

the witcher 3 switch review

But since the new Switch version also coming out on late 2019 and there’s a new patch few weeks ago, it’ll be nice to make The Witcher 3 Switch review after 2020 patch.

So for you who haven’t buy this game yet or don’t know what the patch is all about, maybe this article can help you deciding to buy or not.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gameplay & Plot

The Witcher 3 still has a same gameplay and plot both for Xbox One, PC, PS4, or Nintendo Switch. Since it was a port version anyways, not a remake or something.

But if you haven’t known yet, basically you’ll be playing as Geralt of Rivia, a legendary witcher who work for a bounty hunter. So, you’ll get a task from villager for slaying a monster or creatures. But in this series, Geralt has more task than just completing villager task.

He given an important task by his long lost lover named Yennefer to find Ciri, a daughter of the Emperor Emphyr. Long story short, Geralt need to find Ciri in order to save the emperor.

But the story isn’t as simple as that. The Witcher 3 providing a deep, detailed, and captivating story. This game also has a butterfly effect system. So you’ll have choices that will determine the ending you’ll get.

In fact, there are 38 different ending you get on this game. So playing a new game + for more than 30 times still can give you a new experience.

As for the gameplay, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has an action RPG with real time battle gameplay. You can use sword as your main weapon and some sort of magic, since Geralt is a witcher.


The Witcher 3 Switch Graphic

Many people curious about how The Witcher graphic will be in Nintendo Switch. Because this game is AAA game who can run 4K 60FPS on PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and PC. But of course Nintendo Switch isn’t powerful enough to run that.

The Switch version only can run at 540P 30FPS on portable mode and 720p 30FPS on dock mode. You’ll also notice a lower quality texture on environment. Also the draw distance is quite near, not as far as the Xbox One, PS4, or PC one.


After Patch Review

Recently, there’s more features and upgrade after CPR release patch v3.6. Now, you can use a cross save features from Steam and GOG to your Switch. So if you have play this game on PC and want to try on Switch without making a new character, you can just use you Steam save file.

There’s also more graphical option in the setting menu. So you can make the graphic a bit more sharp and smooth. Like upscaling the texture, making more far draw distance, and stuff like that.

So that is all for The Witcher 3 Switch review. If you haven’t play this game yet at PC or other console, obviously The Witcher 3 on Switch is very worth buying. But if you have and don’t want to play the portable version but with slight downgrade performance, maybe it’s not that worth your money.

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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Review: Gameplay, Graphic, etc

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot review become one of the hottest game topic that every gamers look for. Because there are two major opinions for this game, the one that likes it and the one that hates it. The one that hates tell this game feels just like any mediocre game. And the want that likes praise it like DBZ Kakarot is the best Dragon Ball games.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Maybe you all already know that Dragon Ball is one of the legendary anime and manga made by Akira Toriyama and being famous around the globe. And since the first Dragon Ball games in 1986, DBZ Kakarot really has a lot of major changes and improvements.

But is that made this game satisfying and worth buying? You’ll know the answer after reading our Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot review.


If you’re familiar with Dragon Ball series, maybe you’ll already know that Z on Dragon Ball Z stand for the series which follow when Goku already an adult. But if you’re not, we’ll explain things more specifically.

First thing first, DBZ Kakarot plot and story is about Goku, an alien named Saiyan who’s being stranded on earth since he is a baby. Is his planet, Goku’s called Kakarot, which explain why this game named DBZ Kakarot.

At his adult life, earth get a lot of treat from Goku’s planet. As such there is Raditz and Majin Buu, an alien with godly super power that wants to conquer the world. Including Goku’s worlds.

So Goku and his friends struggle to save the world from alien’s threat. Can he and his friends do it? Play it to find out the answer.


As for the gameplay, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot really had a similar feels to Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi on PS2. So you’ll be fighting your enemy in more 3d gameplay, not like a side view fighting gameplay like the one on PS1.

You also can do some iconic moves on Dragon Ball like Kamehameha, using Ki, teleporting, and many more. And for the records, DBZ Kakarot is an action RPG game. So there’ll be so much fighting, adventuring, moving from place to place, and stuff like that.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot also an open world game with free roams features. This is one of the most waited feature since the first Dragon Ball game came out. Because a lot of people, especially those who loves Dragon Ball, want to experience themselves walking around Dragon Ball worlds.

Unfortunately, some players don’t really love the open world aspect in this game. Because it feels like pointless and empty. And not much you can do while roaming expect for looting and farming.


The most nostalgic feels in this game is when you look at the graphic. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot really did well on using cell shading animation on 3D models. This made the character looks similar like on the original anime.

But, most of the cell shading and anime style graphic only used on the character. As for the environment, sky, and other background, they kinda just use a normal kind of graphic with highly saturated color.

After reading this Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot review, should you buy this game? It’s all depends on your condition. If you’re a hardcore Dragon Ball fans, this game will really bring you into a nostalgic feelings. But if you’re not an and just like RPG game, maybe DBZ Kakarot will only bring you into disappointment.

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Persona 5 Royal Release Date for English Version

Persona 5 Scramble Release Date

Persona 5 got a huge success both in Japan and global, and now Persona 5 Royal release date US has been announce. Since Persona 5 Scramble hasn’t got any update about English adaptation, you can play Persona 5 Royal first.

If you haven’t familiar yet with Persona franchise, this royal version is an expansion pack from the original Persona 5. Just like Persona 3 FES from Persona 3 and Persona 4 Golden from Persona 4.

So you don’t need to play the previous title in order to understand this game storyline. But if you’ve played the original Persona 5, there’ll be a lot of new things you can experience.

Persona 5 Royal English Release Schedule

Atlus has officially announced that Persona 5 Royal will be released on March 31st 2020 for western adaptation. Because the Japanese version has been release much earlier on October 31st 2019.

Persona 5 Royal also becomes one of the last Katsura Hashino works on Persona series. Actually, Katsura Hashino, as the director, producer and script writer of Persona franchise, announce that he is hand off for Persona franchise after Persona 5 success on worldwide. He said that he want to give other creative people a chance to developing the same franchise.

So, maybe there some differences from how the story written, how the script made, and how the character development. But maybe there won’t be much, since the first 100 in game hours will be kinda same with the previous Persona 5.

What’s New in P5R

As said before, Persona 5 Royal an expansion packs from the previous original title. So, there’ll be some new content but not the whole new game.

First thing first, there’ll be a new character and persona user named Kasumi Yoshizawa aka Violet. She’ll be joining Phantom Thieves. I won’t spoiler so much, but Kasumi will be an important character in this game.

Atlus also added the Third Semester in this game and that’s lead to the real “True Ending”. That’s also mean this game will take longer hours to complete. If Persona 5 took about 100 hours gameplay, the Royal version will be about 120 or 150 hours.

Not only Kasumi, there’ll also a new confidant or social link character. His name is Takuto Maruki who is a guidance counselor in school. That also means there’ll be new arcana with more playable persona.

Another important new thing in Persona 5 royal is an expansion in Akechi Goro story. Again, I won’t reveal much spoiler, but Akechi also has an important role both in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal.

As for the minor new content there is like, you can hangouts with the twin warden, Justice and Caroline, new costume, new outfit, new palace, new visit able place, and many more.

Persona 5 Royal Price

Persona 5 Royal will release in 4 main editions. Those are Phantom Thieves Edition for $89.99, Launch Edition for $59.99, Deluxe Edition for $69.99, and Ultimate Edition for $99.99.

And that is all we have for Persona 5 Royal release date US information. If you like the previous Persona game, it’s likely you’ll also love the Royal one. But if you haven’t played any Persona game, Persona 5 Royal still suitable to start Persona series.

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne Review: Story, Graphic, etc

mosnter hunter world iceborne

If you’re planning on buying MHW: Iceborne, you better knows Monster Hunter World: Iceborne reviews first. Even though this game has mostly good reviews, but that can’t guarantee you will like this game.

Because Monster Hunter is quite a niche game that not everybody can enjoy. This game has some similarity with Dark Soul or Sekiro which has a really hard difficulty and hardcore gameplay. So, make sure you read this review first before buying Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.



Monster Hunter World review
image credit

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is an expansion pack but with sequel like content. Even though Capcom said that MHWI is an expansion pack, but this game’s content is like a whole game. Even the price is just like the whole AAA game price.

Basically the story on Iceborne is continuing from the first Monster Hunter World. So, it will set after you beat Xeno Ji’va and continue the expedition on finding all elder dragons.

If you have played the first Monster Hunter World or any other Monster Hunter game, you must be notice that story isn’t the main focus on this game. But, Capcom keep serving an amusing and magical feels story about a hunter in an expedition.

So, the story isn’t much improve and relatively same with the original MHW. The only differences is you will meet a lot more monster, including a new elder dragon name Safi’ Jiva.


As for the gameplay, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

As for the gameplay, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne really do a lot of improvement. Capcom made some balancing for the weapons. So there won’t any weapon that too strong or too weak. Even though, there’s still about 12 weapon type.

There’s also new feature named Layered Armor. Which is really similar with Transmog in Monster Hunter Generation and Monster Hunter Generation Ultimate. Basically, you can use a another armor set as a costume only. So, you can make armor with same skill set but different appearances.

Another gameplay differences from Monster Hunter World and Iceborne is a new grappling hook features. This kinda a secondary weapon that has similar effect like mounting. Basically, you’ll grappling hook will pull you into a specific monster’s area and you can attack it until the monster become stagger.

There’s also a bunch of new move set on Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. But, you’ll be quickly familiar with it through the game. So it wasn’t a big deal.


Next Monster Hunter Iceborne review is about graphic. Comparing to the original MHW, Iceborne still has a same graphic. With most powerfull quality is on 4K 60FPS.

But comparing from the last Monster Hunter title, which is Monster Hunter Gen Ultimate in Nintendo Switch, Iceborne really has a lot better graphic. Capcom now begin to made more realistic like both for the environment, monster, and armor model.

Since the Monster Hunter Gen Ultimate still use like a cartoony graphic. It’s not bad though, but Monster Hunter Iceborne graphic obviously looks better.

There’s also some minor in game detail that make Iceborne more realistic. Such as, your footstep mark will remain in the snow map until there’s another footstep or a monster mark.

So, that is Monster Hunter World: Iceborne review you need to know before buying. The conclusion is, if you’ve played MHW before and like it, It’s most likely you’ll like MHWI as well. But if you haven’t and you don’t like a try hard game, maybe MHWI is not the most suitable game for you.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay and Everything We Know So Far

cyberpunk 2077 gameplay

Few months ago, CPR or CD Projekt RED has reveal Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay in 1 hour footage. They uploaded the gameplay at their Youtube Channel. And surprisingly get a lot of positive responses from the viewer.

Some of you maybe have only known CD Projekt RED from The Witcher that get a live action adaptation in Netflix. Even though this developers company has been made from 1994, but we all can’t deny that The Witcher is one of the game that really make CPR famous.

And now, CD Projekt RED is developing Cyberpunk 2077, a new and fresh game that make us all curious.

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay

Cyberpunk 2077 will realese

Just like is title, Cyberpunk 2077 sets in year 2077 with a cyberpunk style city. One of the best features in this game is that you can play as you are. That mean, you can make a customize character that looks exactly like yourself. Or, you can make a character that you want to be.

Cyberpunk 2077 has a First Person Shooter gameplay, so you can feel like you really play this game as you are. But unfortunately, FPS gameplay made some fans kinda disappointed since Cyberpunk 2077 has a really good city and views.

The only parts where you can play in Third Person Mode is where you are driving vehicle. Luckily, there’s a motor bike in this game. So you can actually how your character doing in game.

There’s also two different gameplay style you can do in this game. Those are stealth and full assault gameplay. So, you won’t stuck or force to play in certain style in the game.

As for full assault style, you can use some feature like hand weapon, gun, melee, and many other futuristic weapons. And for the stealth style, you can use some sort of features like hacking, chocking, crawling, gun with silencer and many more.

Basically, Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay give you a joy to play whatever you want. If you like blunt attack, then play with full force. If you like stealth and ninja like games, then play like that.

CD Projekt RED also confirms that there’ll be online features. But, the online mode will be release a few months after the original game release. So, you have time to finish the main story plot before enjoy it with your friends.

Talk about story plot, Cyberpunk 2077 really has a deep and quite dark story. All this game is about seeking revenge, killing, surviving and shooting. And don’t forget there’ll be Keanu Reeves playing as Johnny Silverhand.

Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date and PS5 Rumors

Previously, Cyberpunk 2077 release date scheduled release on April 2020. But, CPR will be delaying this game in order to playtesting, fixing, and polishing the game. So, Cyberpunk 2077 release date will be on September 17th.

But, there’s a rumors behind this delay. Since many AAA game like Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Iron Man VR and Avengers The Game also being delay, some people thought that maybe Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 is being develop. The same rumor also goes for the other game that being delay.

And for the online feature, CPR said that it will release in about a year or so.

That is all we have about Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay and everything we know so far. Is this game worth buying or not? We can only know when it’s been release.

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[Newest] Persona 5 Scramble : Release Date and Review

persona 5 scramble release date us

Huge announcement about Persona 5 Scramble releases in Japan a few days ago made a lot peoples wonder, when is Persona 5 Scramble Release Date US? If you are wondering the same things, we’ll break things about Persona 5 Scramble and the possibility for western adaptation.

Since Persona 5 has made a huge success in worldwide, Atlus back with the new sequel that we have been waiting for. The thing is, this sequel’s western release haven’t confirmed so far.

But, we’ll still give you some information about Persona 5 Scramble and some rumors about its western release date.

Every New Things in P5S

Persona 5 scramble will realese on 31 march 2020


The most important things about Persona 5 Scramble that you need to know is, this game not fully developed by P- Studio like the other Persona game. This game developed by collaboration between Omega Force and P – Studio.

If you’re not familiar with Omega Force, they are the same developer who made Dynasty Warrior game, including Warrior Orochi and Dynasty Warrior Gundam. So, the gameplay is 1vs100 real time action, just like the Dynasty Warrior series.

But, the plot and story in Persona 5 Scramble is still related with the original Persona 5. In fact, this is an official sequel for Persona 5, since Persona 5 Royal just an expansion pack.

So, if you haven’t played Persona 5 yet, you need to play Persona 5 Royal First. But if you have, you can either play Persona 5 Scramble or Persona 5 Royal.

The other things you need to know about Persona 5 Scramble is this game has a different director. Even though the story still related from Persona 5, but this game directed by Mumon Usuda and Daisuke Kaneda.

It’s because the original Persona 5 is the last Katsura Hashino’s Persona game he directed. He hands off Persona game after making it for almost 20 years directing and designing most of Shin Megami Tensei game. So, we can’t expect the game would be exact same like the last Persona game.

Other than that, it’s obvious that Persona 5 Scramble will have a lot of new character. One of them is, Zenkichi Hasegawa, an adult persona wielder that will be a playable character. Zenkichi Hasegawa and his persona, Valjean, first reveal was on the newest trailer that came out a few week ago.

Persona 5 Scramble Release Date US and JP

Persona 5 Scramble release date for Japan is quite obvious. It’s February 20th 2020 or 02202020. Since it was all over the trailer. If you live in Japan or Asia, you can play this game from about yesterday or a few days ago.

The official demo also has been release for a couple weeks. The problem is, so far Persona 5 Scramble is Japan only game. The only way to play it if you can’t speak Japanese is by using Google Translate instant translation.

As for Persona 5 Scramble release date US, there’s no confirm yet from Atlus. Some rumors tell that they do make a western version. But there’s no specific date yet.

Certainly Persona 5 Scramble release date US will be a couple months after Persona 5 Royal release in US on March 31st. So, be patient with it. If you are not, learn Japanese language then. If you cannot either, then play with Google Translate instant translation aiming to the in game dialog box.

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Resident Evil Remake 3 Release Date and Bonuses

resident evil 3 remake release date

A couple weeks ago, Resident Evil 3 Remake release date has been revealed alongside with the new trailer. These things made Resident Evil fans become happier. Because, they showed Nemesis in more detailed version.

After a huge success on Resident Evil 2 Remake and being nominated for Game of The Years on The Game Award, Capcom try a same technique by remaking Resident Evil 3.

Just like Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis also one of the most popular action games on PS1. The original game came out in September 1999, almost 2 decade ago. No wonder the new trailer bring so much memory and nostalgic feeling.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Release Date

Resident Evil 3 remake will be release soon in April 3rd 2020. This game will be release both for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Some of the store also has opened Pre Order for Resident Evil 3 Remake.

As for PC version, here is the Resident Evil 3 Remake system requirement.

  • OS : Windows 7, 8.1, or 10
  • Memory : 8 GB RAM or more
  • DirectX : Version 11 or higher
  • Graphic : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R7 260x with minimum 2GB Video RAM
  • Processor : Intel Core i5-4460 or AMD SX 6300 or higher version

And don’t forget that this game only work PC for 64-bit version. So, make sure you’ve updated your PC before pre order or buy this game.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Gameplay and Plot

As been said before, the new trailer shows how Nemesis looks in detailed version. Not only about Nemesis, two main characters, Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira, also appeared in the new trailer.

The detailed version of Jill really stole the show. How her beautiful appearance made Capcom praised by their fanboy.

Resident Evil 3 Remake developed with the same engine as Resident Evil 2. So, this game has a fairly same graphic quality and overall gameplay.

Just like the previous RE remake version, Resident Evil 3 Remake also has Third Person Shooter with more action. But, you’ll also serve a lot of puzzle in order to finish the game. And certainly, this game has the same plot like the original version.

You could also play both as Jill and Carlos. The two of them has a different story that related to each other plot. So you won’t play the same plot with different character. But you’ll meet a certain scene that involves both Jill and Carlos.

Resident Evil Resistance as Bonuses

Every copy of Resident Evil 3 Remake will get Resident Evil Resistance as a bonus game. Resident Evil Resistance is an asymmetrical 1v4 shooter. If you’ve played game like Dead by Daylight, this game has a relatively same gameplay.

There’ll be 4 players that need to escape from 1 mastermind. The mastermind will float around the map and placing traps. One player who can survive and escape will be the winner.

And that is all for Resident Evil 3 Remake release date and some info about gameplay and plot. If you’ve played Resident Evil series since PS1, this is one of the must have game you need to play.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake for PS4 : Gameplay, Release Date & Trailer

final fantasy 7 remake for ps4

Final Fantasy 7 Remake for PS4 will be coming out very soon. This is one of the most waited AAA remake game from the legendary JRPG game in gaming history that came out in PS1.

We all can agree that Final Fantasy 7 is one of the most successful Square Enix game. Even though this game came for more than 20 years ago, on 1997, Final Fantasy 7 still has a solid community and fans. Not only in Japan, Final Fantasy VII fans now is from all around the world.

Since Final Fantasy 7 Remake will come out soon for PS4, you should know every major update from the game like gameplay, trailer, release date, etc. Because the remake version has a lot of differences from gameplay and graphic aspect.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay

From the demo that release several months ago, we know that Final Fantasy remake using two different battle gameplay. Real time action and turn based action. But, there aren’t many footage yet that showing the turn based action gameplay.

The real time action battle seems really similar with Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts series. You could also perform magic and summoning like the other Final Fantasy game. And while choosing what magic to use, the in game time will stop or slow motion, just like on the Final Fantasy XII.

The other gameplay aspect that you need to know is stagger and limit break. If you’ve played Final Fantasy XIII or XV, maybe you will familiar with it. Basically what stagger do is increasing damage for certain rate when the limit is full. You can fill this limit by attacking with certain element that the monster weak to.

And for the limit break, it’ll be a finishing skill just like on the original game. Some of the famous limit break on the original Final Fantasy 7 also shows on the demo footage.

Everything Shows In Trailer So Far

There’s about 3 or 4 trailer so far for this game. And most of them only show in Midgard arc, which is about first 10 hours in the original game.

Some of the iconic scene like where Cloud and the Avalanche arrive and knock out the body guard also showed on the trailer. There’s even a scene where Cloud first meeting with Sephiroth.

And there’s scene on the newest trailer where Cloud being make up as a woman with cross dressing. Which is very iconic, even though it’s not an important in game plot.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date

Final Fantasy Remake first scheduled to be release in March 3rd. And then it was delayed until April 10th for certain reason.

That mean this game took about 5 years developing from the first announcement. And that is only for 1 arc.

Yoshinori Kitase, who is the producer, said that this game will not be release in a single disc. They also not mention this game will has 2 discs like the original one. But from the all trailer we see, this game will has about 2 or 3 discs. Which can make a lot fans dislike.

And that’s all we got from Final Fantasy Remake for PS4. Even if you haven’t played the original game yet, we highly recommend playing the remake version.