Top 5 Best Action RPG Game of All Time, That You Should Know

best action rpg game off all time

Lately, people talking about best action RPG game of all time, since Sekiro : Shadow Die Twice win the GOTY from Game of the Year Awards. Because Sekiro providing the similar genre even though the action feels takes majority.

Talking about action RPG games, there’ll be no end to determine who the best of all time is. Every gamers will has their own thought about their favorite.

But, if you haven’t tried action RPG game yet and you want to, maybe this top 5 action RPG game of all time can make you fall in love with action RPG game.

Top 5 Best Action RPG Game of All Time


1. The Witcher 3

The first best action RPG game is coming from CD Project Red or CPR. It’s the Witcher 3 that make Geralt of Rivia’s name become famous not only in their community but also to almost every gamer.

The Witcher 3 release in 2015 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. In this game, you’ll be playing as Geralt, a mercenary who’s looking for his girlfriend. CPR also providing deep story, addicting action gameplay and a butterfly effect which make your choice in game give you a different ending.

There are more than 40 different ending you can choose. And The Witcher 3 has won GOTY from Game of the Year Awards.


2. Suikoden 2

If you’re an action RPG lover, maybe you are familiar with Suikoden 2. Since this game is one of the most popular JRPG game of all time.

Even though this game release on 1998 for PS1, PSP, and PC, but there are still plenty of gamers who play this game. In fact, playing Suikoden 2 really bring the nostalgic feel to veteran gamers.

One of the most captive thing from Suikoden 2 is the story plot that full of politics, betrayal, friendship, and war.


3. Dark Souls 2

The next action RPG game came from the same developers as Sekiro. That is Dark Souls 2 who developed by From Software and published by Namco Bandai Games.

Just like the other series of Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2 providing you with an extreme and hardcore gameplay that will make you mad. Because this game has a really hard difficulty that not everyone likes.

But, Dark Souls 2 become one of the most played and highest rating game in almost every console like PS3, PS4. Xbox One, and Xbox 360. This game also become one of the best Dark Souls game in the entire series.


4. Elder Scroll V : Skyrim

Another RPG game that feels like never ending game is Elder Scroll V : Skyrim. This is one of the most successful game from Bethesda.

With an addicting FPS gameplay, you will play this game for like 100 hours and still not finishing the game. Because there’s a ton of side quest you can do.


5. The Legend of Zelda : Breath of The Wild

And the last action RPG game is Zelda Breath of The Wild or BOTW. Just like The Witcher 3, Breath of The Wild also win GOTY from Game of The Year Awards.

Zelda Breath of The Wild exclusively release only on Nintendo Switch and WII U.


And Breath of The Wild concludes our top 5 best action RPG game of all time. Some of you may have different opinion on this list. Since everyone has their own personal favorite for RPG game.

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