3 Best Games Coming to Xbox One, Are You Ready to Play?

Psychonauts 2 is one of anticipated xbox one game

Games coming to xbox one will be waited by so many people who like to play with Xbox. Actually, in this modern era, there are some ways to play game.

You can play game by using your android phone, pc, xbox and also ps4. You can find unlimited games for you with so many genres.

When we talk about Xbox game, we can also find some games that will be released in this year. It is good news for all of you who really love to play game by using xbox.

How about you who like to play by using 4? You don’t need to worry too because you can also find information related with new ps4 games coming out. You can get three best game for Xbox One here.

The Best Games Coming to Xbox One

1. Psychonauts 2

One of some games coming to xbox one is Psychonauts 2. This game is best game that is developed by Double Fine Production.


Psychonauts 2 is one of anticipated xbox one game


Psychonauts 2 is published by Starbreeze Studio that has been known as best publisher for so many Xbox games.

Actually, you can also play this game not only by using your Xbox one but you can also play this game by using pc and ps4. You can find this game in this year. It can be played in single mode or multiplayer mode.


2. Minecraft Dungeons

The next game that you can find and play by using Xbox one is Dungeons. This game is developed by Mojang and the publisher of this game is Xbox Game Studio.


Minecraft Dungeons coming to xbox one


Minecraft Dungeons will be easy to be played by using pc, ps4 and ns. This game is online game type and it can be played with 4 players.

It is fun game to try and all people can play this game in very easy way. In this game you must find the way to kill the monster and you will find so many types of monster to kill.


3. Crossfire X

For all of you who like with action game genre, you better choose to try this game. It is developed by Smilegate.

Crossfire X will coming to Xbox one

Unfortunately for all of you who want to enjoy this game by using ps 4 or ns you can’t play this game because this game is available only in Xbox version.

Crossfire X is offered best single player mode, and you really need to try this game.

Now, you have already known three best games coming to xbox one and must be played.

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