Doom Eternal Review: Gameplay, Plot, and Graphics

doom eternal review

Competing with Animal Crossing, Bethesda Softworks also releases their game at the same time, that is Doom Eternal. And like any other new game, you should read our Doom Eternal review first before decide to buy it.

doom eternal review

Doom Eternal release date is on March 20th, 2020. And this game will be available for almost every gaming platform, including PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

And for you, a veteran gamers who have played Doom from Nintendo 64, Doom Eternal will bring you such a nostalgic feeling. Because even though this isn’t a reboot or remake, Doom Eternal has a lot of old demons from its predecessor.

Without any further ado, let take a look at our Doom Eternal review for you.

Doom Eternal Gameplay

Comparing to its predecessor, Doom Eternal has a lot more complicated gameplay. But that’s what makes Doom Eternal more realistic. Even though this game is obviously a fiction game.

In the first 5 hours, you’ll be facing the hardest moment when adapting to new gameplay features. But don’t worry, you’ll get used to it in no time. And when you mastered all the new features, the real fun will begin soon.

Overall, Doom Eternal gameplay is still quite the same. You’ll be a Doom Slayer, equipped with heavy and deadly guns, who need to kill every Doom you see.

The differences are, how they designing every level, map, and new places. Doom Eternal has a very intuitive world full of Doom. And that wouldn’t make you bored quickly when playing this game. Because like other Doom titles, the repetitive feeling in this game is so high.

But unlike any other Doom games, when you’ll depend on Super Shotgun once you got it, Doom Eternal has more multiple choices feeling in it. If you’re strong enough or patient enough, you can only use your chainsaw to slay your enemy. And that also be your choice when you are running dry on ammo.

Doom Eternal Plot & Story

There’s two-mode you can play in Doom Eternal. That is a single-player campaign and multiplayer. As for multiplayer, you can only play after March 20th.

As for the single-player campaign, Doom Eternal has a very light but enthralling story. In this game, you’ll be playing 2 years after the previous Doom in 2016. When earth has been overrun by a demonic force, more than half of its population being wiped out. And it’s your mission to save humanity from those demonic forces.


One of the biggest improvements Bethesda made on this game is the graphics. Comparing to the previous titles, Doom Eternal has far more detail, and intuitive both for the models, guns, environments, and the map.

There are tons of weapons with high detail you can choose. And there’s a load of demon both from the previous titles and the new one you can slay.

Doom Eternal also has some explicit gore scene. But it isn’t disgusting. Because all the blood is in a more cartoony style than realistic.

So, is it worth to buy this game to accompany your self-quarantine days? I can say it is, even if Doom Eternal is your first Doom game. But remember, this is an FPS game. So if you wasn’t like FPS games, look for other game instead.

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