Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Review: Gameplay, Graphic, etc

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot review become one of the hottest game topic that every gamers look for. Because there are two major opinions for this game, the one that likes it and the one that hates it. The one that hates tell this game feels just like any mediocre game. And the want that likes praise it like DBZ Kakarot is the best Dragon Ball games.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Maybe you all already know that Dragon Ball is one of the legendary anime and manga made by Akira Toriyama and being famous around the globe. And since the first Dragon Ball games in 1986, DBZ Kakarot really has a lot of major changes and improvements.

But is that made this game satisfying and worth buying? You’ll know the answer after reading our Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot review.

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If you’re familiar with Dragon Ball series, maybe you’ll already know that Z on Dragon Ball Z stand for the series which follow when Goku already an adult. But if you’re not, we’ll explain things more specifically.

First thing first, DBZ Kakarot plot and story is about Goku, an alien named Saiyan who’s being stranded on earth since he is a baby. Is his planet, Goku’s called Kakarot, which explain why this game named DBZ Kakarot.

At his adult life, earth get a lot of treat from Goku’s planet. As such there is Raditz and Majin Buu, an alien with godly super power that wants to conquer the world. Including Goku’s worlds.

So Goku and his friends struggle to save the world from alien’s threat. Can he and his friends do it? Play it to find out the answer.


As for the gameplay, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot really had a similar feels to Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi on PS2. So you’ll be fighting your enemy in more 3d gameplay, not like a side view fighting gameplay like the one on PS1.

You also can do some iconic moves on Dragon Ball like Kamehameha, using Ki, teleporting, and many more. And for the records, DBZ Kakarot is an action RPG game. So there’ll be so much fighting, adventuring, moving from place to place, and stuff like that.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot also an open world game with free roams features. This is one of the most waited feature since the first Dragon Ball game came out. Because a lot of people, especially those who loves Dragon Ball, want to experience themselves walking around Dragon Ball worlds.

Unfortunately, some players don’t really love the open world aspect in this game. Because it feels like pointless and empty. And not much you can do while roaming expect for looting and farming.


The most nostalgic feels in this game is when you look at the graphic. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot really did well on using cell shading animation on 3D models. This made the character looks similar like on the original anime.

But, most of the cell shading and anime style graphic only used on the character. As for the environment, sky, and other background, they kinda just use a normal kind of graphic with highly saturated color.

After reading this Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot review, should you buy this game? It’s all depends on your condition. If you’re a hardcore Dragon Ball fans, this game will really bring you into a nostalgic feelings. But if you’re not an and just like RPG game, maybe DBZ Kakarot will only bring you into disappointment.

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