Final Fantasy 7 Remake for PS4 : Gameplay, Release Date & Trailer

final fantasy 7 remake for ps4

Final Fantasy 7 Remake for PS4 will be coming out very soon. This is one of the most waited AAA remake game from the legendary JRPG game in gaming history that came out in PS1.

We all can agree that Final Fantasy 7 is one of the most successful Square Enix game. Even though this game came for more than 20 years ago, on 1997, Final Fantasy 7 still has a solid community and fans. Not only in Japan, Final Fantasy VII fans now is from all around the world.

Since Final Fantasy 7 Remake will come out soon for PS4, you should know every major update from the game like gameplay, trailer, release date, etc. Because the remake version has a lot of differences from gameplay and graphic aspect.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay

From the demo that release several months ago, we know that Final Fantasy remake using two different battle gameplay. Real time action and turn based action. But, there aren’t many footage yet that showing the turn based action gameplay.

The real time action battle seems really similar with Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts series. You could also perform magic and summoning like the other Final Fantasy game. And while choosing what magic to use, the in game time will stop or slow motion, just like on the Final Fantasy XII.

The other gameplay aspect that you need to know is stagger and limit break. If you’ve played Final Fantasy XIII or XV, maybe you will familiar with it. Basically what stagger do is increasing damage for certain rate when the limit is full. You can fill this limit by attacking with certain element that the monster weak to.

And for the limit break, it’ll be a finishing skill just like on the original game. Some of the famous limit break on the original Final Fantasy 7 also shows on the demo footage.

Everything Shows In Trailer So Far

There’s about 3 or 4 trailer so far for this game. And most of them only show in Midgard arc, which is about first 10 hours in the original game.

Some of the iconic scene like where Cloud and the Avalanche arrive and knock out the body guard also showed on the trailer. There’s even a scene where Cloud first meeting with Sephiroth.

And there’s scene on the newest trailer where Cloud being make up as a woman with cross dressing. Which is very iconic, even though it’s not an important in game plot.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date

Final Fantasy Remake first scheduled to be release in March 3rd. And then it was delayed until April 10th for certain reason.

That mean this game took about 5 years developing from the first announcement. And that is only for 1 arc.

Yoshinori Kitase, who is the producer, said that this game will not be release in a single disc. They also not mention this game will has 2 discs like the original one. But from the all trailer we see, this game will has about 2 or 3 discs. Which can make a lot fans dislike.

And that’s all we got from Final Fantasy Remake for PS4. Even if you haven’t played the original game yet, we highly recommend playing the remake version.

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