Use These Way to Get Free Likes Instagram (No Password)

One way to make you famous on Instagram is have many followers and many likes in your photo. But, it’s very difficult if your instagram account is still new and you don’t have a awesome photo on Instagram.

Another way to improve your instagram likes is buying the instagram like service. But you must spend your money to get it.

So, how to get more likes instagram for free and safe for your account? OK, Santhuy will share a several website which gives trial likes instagram for free.

With this tutorial, you will get a thousand likes instagram for free and not need input your password.

Free Likes Instagram No Password

  1. Gramifly trial
  2. Likesandfollowersclub free trial like
  3. Instalab trial free
  4. Buzzdayz Trial Like
  5. Trial Like From Gramblast

How To Use Instagram Autoliker

  1.  Make sure your instagram account was verified email address and mobile number
  2. Don’t private your account, because its not working if you private your account.
  3. Choose your photo which will be added to the likes
  4. Click 3 in the upper right hand corner, and copy the URL photo
  5. Open one of the links above in the google chrome is recommended
  6. Submityour URL photo on the sites
  7. Input your email address (you can using a random email) for example : [email protected] . With fake email, you never get spam email from the sites.
  8. Wait a few minutes, usually 1 until 2 minutes.
  9. Check your photo
  10. Ta da! your likes was successful

While waiting the likes, you can do the same thing in other sites above.

Tips Using Autolike Instagram With Secure

Keep protect your IG account with verified email and mobile number. When Instagram system will update, your account will be safe.

Don’t let you have input your password on any site which provide the free likes or Instagram follower. Because it will damage your account.

That is all about our tricks today, hopefully you can understand and get a new knowledge from us.

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