4 Free Online Games for Boy Which You Must Play

These are the best online game for boy which you must play

An online game is a game that is downloaded and/or played using the internet. It can be played on the PC, smartphone, tablet or any technological device.

Most of the online game provides a modern gaming platform with a wide range of choice especially when new PS4 games coming out.

The theme is also varied, from strategy to puzzle game. The design of the game can be simple, but some can be displayed with complex graphic and breath-taking virtual world.

Nowadays man and women, young and old, all are playing an online game. But can be ignored that most of the online gamer is male.

So, here is the list of free online games for boy for your references.


Subway Surfers

Subway surfers is one of the best online game for you


Subway Surfers is an entertaining game with bright visual and happy characters.

It is almost the same as Temple Run, the purpose is endlessly running to avoid capture and going through some obstacle on the way also avoid an oncoming train.

Compare to the other same genre, this game is much more lighthearted. This game can make the player to play again and again because there is no ending of the run.

It set in a train yard and there is no gore or blood shown in this game.


Moto X3m

You must try the Moto X3M game


This is one of the favorite free online games for boy. The game is about bike racing with simple yet beautiful design.

The player will race downhill and climb up the hill also facing some challenges to get the finish line.

There is also an explosion and unique obstacles in every level provide in this game. the highest level with difficult obstacles is level 150. It also has a duration on every level.

Playing it with a friend to see who is the better one is gonna be fun.



Wormax io also one of the best online game for boy
Wormax io

This game is simple yet fascinating. the goal of this game to make the snake be the first place in the server by gaining the biggest mass.

It is played by other people worldwide. It can be played together with friends on the same server.

In the game, there are a few modes that can be tried if you are bored with only one mode.


Police vs Thief: Hot Pursuit

Police vs Thief


In Police vs Thief: Hot Pursuit game, you can choose to play as police or thief. If you want to be a thief, you have to escape from the police and break their car.

If you want to be the police, then you have to catch the thief. Mostly these free online games for boy is about a thrilling car chase game.

On every level, the player can earn gold and use it to upgrade the car.

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