6 Free Video Games to Play That Recommend For You!

Fornite is the games that you must play

Playing a game never makes us tired. We might spend a whole day to play our favorite games. But when it comes to choosing a game, the free game will be our priority.

Currently, there are lots of free video games to play. Our homework is just to find out the game that brings so much fun. Here is the list of free video games that can save your wallet.



Brawlhalla is the best video games that can you play

Do you like playing Super Smash Bros? Then this game is gonna be your favorite. It is a casual action game like any other game.

it can be played by starter player or more hardcore competitive types. There are six characters can be chosen in this game, all have different characteristic, and it is free.



Fornite is the games that you must play

This game is about building an empire and royale battle. It is one of the new PS4 games coming out.

This is a very popular game played by a range of people around the world. It can be play free in android, iOS, Xbox One, Switch, PS4 and on your personal computer. The design and every element in the game is constantly evolving.



Warframe is one of the best video games

This is an online action free video games to play which is long-lasting and still can be enjoyed all the time.

It is about space ninjas who fight their enemies with different environments and levels of difficulty.

The platform of this game is PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One and you can get it free.


Apex Legends

Apex legends

This game is about battle royal. It is designed to be a more modern type by reducing downtime for bringing back the dead squadmates.

Each player has their ability to set them apart but still can keep the focus on the gunplay.


World of Tanks

World of tank

This game is another game about a battle, but the idea is a bit unique. The game is about pimping out our tank with the right weapon and using our best strategy to be the winner.

The violence indeed happens in this game, so better to be play by an adult. It is available many game platforms like PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS4.


Dota Underlords

Dota underlords also the best video games

Dota Underlords is a multiplayer strategy free video games to play. The basic of the game is the same as Dota 2, we join a match, choose suitable heroes, place them on 8×8 grid then watch how they play again our rival.

The developer of the game keeps updating the title, counter trounced and encourages the player to explore and modify their new strategies.

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