20 Best Horror Mobile Games for Android and iOS

best horror mobile games

While self-isolating in your house, playing these best horror mobile games can be your best way to cheers yourself from bored feeling. Because as you may know, mobile horror games, either for android or iOS, always has a kinda fresh, creepy, and horrifying feeling you’ll get.


Horror mobile games also become better and better these days. Especially after VR came out and a lot of smartphones can support it with just using a cardboard. From then, playing VR horror games scarier than ever and even low budget games can feel the same way.

For you who kinda bored with your games lately, maybe trying these best mobile horror games for android and iOS can bring back your mood through self-quarantine days.

Best Mobile Horror Games for Android & iOS

1. Limbo

Alright, the first best horror mobile games you should play is Limbo. This game developed by Playdead and Double Eleven and available for both android and iOS. This is more like a puzzle and a mystery game with a gloomy vibe.

In Limbo, you’ll be playing as a kid who lost in the middle of the dark forest named Edge of Hell. You’ll only have a flashlight with you and need to figure out how you can escape from that forest.

2. Into The Dead

Both Into The Dead and Into The Dead 2 developed and published by PikPok. And both are great games with zombie horror themes. If you love action-horror games, then Into The Dead series definitely for you.

Into The Dead has an FPS gameplay. You’ll set in an apocalyptic world full of zombies. All you had to do is figure out how to survive either by killing all the zombies or by running away.

3. Identity V

The next best mobile horror game you should play is Identity V. This game really suits you if you’re looking for a self-quarantine online buddy who loves the same game genre.

Because Identity V is an online game with about 5 players for each match. In every match, you’ll be divided into 4 players as a human and 1 player as a savage killer. The savage killer had to kill every human and the humans need to escape. That’s Identity V in the nutshell.

4. Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor may not be the same horror games like other games who have a lot of creepy and gloomy vibes and jumpscare. But Hello Neighbor is one of the mystery and puzzle games that will make your adrenaline rush.

In this game, you’ll be playing as a child named Nicky Roth who hears a scream from his neighbor’s house. And then he finds out that his neighbor kidnaped and locked a person inside his basement. In order to find the truth, Nicky begins to investigate his neighbor’s house by sneaking in.


The legendary horror game titles, Doom, also has been available for android and iOS. If you’re a veteran gamers who played the original game since Nintendo 64, maybe you’ll be more familiar with it.

In Doom, you’ll be given a task to save humanity from demonic creatures who conquer earth. This is an FPS game with action and horror aspects. And most of the demon has a creepy form that it’ll likely will haunt your night.

6. The Walking Dead Telltale Series

Who didn’t know The Walking Dead? This one of the best tv series also becomes the best horror mobile games you need to play. This game made by Telltale Games, which one of the best developers In terms of making stories and character development.

Even though the story isn’t exactly the same as the original TV series, but The Walking Dead game’s plot is still similar and enjoyable. Even those who didn’t watch the series could also enjoy all the stories and still get the horrifying and horror vibe from this game.

7. Dead Effect

If you’re looking for the best mobile horror games with good graphics, then Dead Effect is the one you are looking for. Especially Dead Effect 2. Because these horror games isn’t only release for mobile platform, but also for PC and Mac.

The first Dead Effect came out in 2013 and the second one released in 2016. Quite an old game I can say, but it’s still worth playing. Dead Effect is a Modern Combat-like game with more horror and creepy vibe in it. And you’ll be dealing with a ton of zombies in this game.

8. Corpse Party

The next best horror mobile games is Corpse Party. This is a game from anime adaptation that most of you may know.

Corpse Paty has a light but horifiying story. This game tells about a group of schoolgirls who traped inside their school in the middle of a supernatural incident. There’s a lot of corpse of their friends and mostly women. Your task is figuring out how to escape from that school.

9. Five Nights at Freedy’s

Five Nights at Freedy’s is one of the legendary horror mobile games. I can say this is a pioneer both in the horror genre for mobile and for overall mobile gaming. Because since its first release, Five Nights at Freedy’s immediately become the hot gaming topic around the globe.

FNaF is a puzzle with psychological horror. Even though you’re only dealing with dolls, but those dolls is so creepy and looks terrifying. Especially when the jumpscare comes out.

Other Best Mobile Horror Games

There’s a lot of horror mobile games that one list can’t even include half of it. So if nothing catches your interest in the first list, maybe these can make you interested.

10. Oxenfree
11. Sanitarium
12. Stranger Things: The Game
13. The Room Series
14. Layer of Fear: Solitude
15. Fran Bow
16. Rusty Lake
17. Slayaway Camp
18. Year Walk
19. Lost Within
20. Don’t Starve

Those are the best horror mobile games you should play in your self-quarantine days. Most of these games are free to play and you can download it from android and iOS. But some of it has in-game purchase with either credit card or other in-game money.

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