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20 Best Horror Games for PS4 That’ll Haunt Your Night

best horror games for ps4

There are not many people who brave enough to play these top 20 best horror games for PS4. But as a horror game enthusiast, playing PS4 horror games or scary games become more enjoyable and full of adrenaline rush. The scariest the game is, the more we curious how it ends.


Other than that, PS4 is one of the console with a ton of horror games. There’s even a lot of exclusive games with horror genre that only came out for PS4. Like Until Dawn and The Last of Us.

If you’re also a horror games enthusiast and looking for PS4 horror games, we’ve already listed our top 20 best horror games for PS4.

Best Horror Games for PS4

1. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is recommended for you horror game lovers

Unlike any previous Resident Evil titles, Resident Evil 7 is the only title with FPS gameplay and has more horror aspects in it. Since the previous titles have more action and puzzle feels.

But still, you need to solve a ton of puzzles in this game. You’ll investigating a mysterious house where a lot of people missing without a single trace, including Ethan Winters’s wife, Mia. Other than PS4, you can also play this game on Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

Price : $14.99


2. Until Dawn

Until Dawn is one of the best horror game on ps4

The next best PS4 horror games is Until Dawn, which is one of the exclusive horror game you can play only in PS4. The only feelings you’ll get when playing this game is freaks out, scare, and confusion.

Because Until Dawn is far beyond just game. It’s more like a playable movie with a lot of endings, choices, and butterfly effects. You can choose how you want to play this game, how the story goes, and how your character dies. Every option you choose will lead to different results in this game.

Price : $19.99


3. The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 is the right horror game to play on PS4

Next is The Evil Within 2, one of the newest horror games for ps4. Other than PS4, this game also came out for Xbox and PC in Steam.

The Evil Within 2 set 3 years after the first game. You’ll be playing as Sebastian, an alcoholism tat has a trauma because his daughter perishes in when their house on fire. But, Sebastian approach by his former partner named Juli Kidman who tells that Lily is still alive.


4. Dead by Daylight

You can choose the Dead by Daylight if you search horrror game on ps4

Unlike the other horror games, Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer game without ending. This game also one of the best horror multiplayer games PC and Xbox One.

Basically, every match in this game will be played by 5 players. One becomes a savage killer, and the other four will be a survivor who tries to escape from the killer.

Price : $24.99


5. The Last of Us

The last of us isn’t purely horror games, but ia recommend for you

Moving on to number 5 is The Last of Us. Even though this game isn’t purely horror games, but there are some horror vibe in it. Such as gore, jumpscare, and zombie. And most importantly, The Last of US Part 2 will be coming out soon and become one of the first PS5 games in late 2020.

The Last of Us has quite similar gameplay with Resident Evil 2 Remake. You’ll be playing as Joel and Ellie who want to escape from post-apocalyptic town fulls of zombie and government soldier.

Price : $19.99


6. Man of Medan

The next best horror game for PS4 is Man of Medan
Man of Medan

The next best horror game for PS4 is Man of Medan that has the same developer as Until Dawn. And almost similar to Until Dawn, this game also has a butterfly effect. So every choice you made affecting how the story goes.

Man of Medan’s is one of the horror game based on a true story. In Indonesian folklore, there’s a ship named Man of Medan that calling SOS signal. But when the rescuer approaches the ship, all the crew has been dead without a single wound in their bodies.

Price : $28.22


7. Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul (VR)

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul (VR), the scary horror game in ps4
Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul (VR)


Wanna try something more challenging my playing ps4 horror games? Then try it on VR. One of the best VR horror games you can play is Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul.

Even though this game doesn’t have a deep or long story, but it still very enjoyable and intriguing. But don’t forget, you’ll need a VR for PS4 in order to play this game.

Price : $29.99


8. Bloodborne

Bloodborne the horror game ps4 that you must try
Images :

The next best horror games for PS4 is Bloodborne. This game made by From Software, the same developer who made Dark Soul series. So, it’ll be a hardcore game but with more horror and gloomy vibe in it.

Bloodborne also has the same gameplay with every Dark Soul series. You’ll mostly be hacking & slashing scary creatures from the underworld that’ll haunt your night.

Price : $19.99


9. P.T.

P.T. will scare you more than any mediocre horror games on PS4

The next best PS4 horror game is quite unique. Unlike the other games which is a full developed game, P.T, or also known as Playable Trailer, is just a demo of Silent Hill made by Konami and Kojima Production, before Hideo Kojima leaving Konami.

But, P.T. will scare you more than any mediocre horror games on PS4. This demo even staring some Holywood stars like Norman Reedus and directed by Guillermo del Toro.


10. Outlast

Outlast is the best horror game this years

If you’ve tried Until Dawn or Man of Medan and you like it, then you’ll likely like Outlast as well. Because all these three games have a similar gameplay with a lot of in-game choices and butterfly effects.

But, Outlast didn’t made by the same developer as the other two games. This game made by Red Barrels and also available for Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

Price : $28.99


Another 10 PS4 Horror Games

If the first 10 best horror games for PS4 didn’t convince you yet or you’ve played all those games, then maybe these next 10 PS4 horror games will be your choice.

11. Resident Evil 2 Remake
12. Layers of Fears
13. Dying Light
14. The Evil Within
15. Outlast 2
16. Amnesia: The Dark Descent
17. Lone Survivor
18. Little Nightmare
19. Alan Wake
20. The Forest

And The Forest wraped up our list of top 20 best horror games for PS4. We recommend you to play all these PS4 horror games with your friends or families. Because that’ll increase the fun of those games. And most importantly, it won’t make your dream haunted by all the scary feelings and jumpscare you see.

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