6 Best Apps to Create Awesome Instagram Stories

Instagram story is the most effective way to interaction with our followers. We can share the interest content or show the branding we have.

According to expert digital marketers, that instagram users spend more time to watching story than instagram feed posts, right?

So, this is shows that insta story is indeed in demand by many instagram users.

There are many apps for editing that can make the appearance of insta stories become more beautiful and cool.

So, you can using these apps to create unique and awesome instagram stories easily.


Best Apps to Edit Insta Stories

Are you curious about some of the most recommended apps for editing IG story photos? let’s look at the list below!


1. Unfold

This apps is available for Android and iOs version. Certainly, you can download Unfold on Play Store and Apps Store for free.

Besides to edit photos, you can using Unfold to edit the videos become more beautiful and make amazed your followers!

These are the advantages of Unfold :

  • Available many free templates with attractive, modern, and awesome designs.
  • Can be used to edit photos and videos
  • Very easy to use

That’s why the Unfold is fairly complete and easy to use by anyone.

2. Canva

Canva is alternative Photoshop editor

To create collages and insert text or other cool variations, just use the canva apps. There are many templates that are suitable for instagram stories.

So, you can create a good photos, embed various icons and stickers, add awesome text, or combine multiple photos to be very beautiful photos.

This apps is very easy to use and available in 3 version, android, iOs, and canva online (via websites).

Canva Features :

  • Logo designer, book cover, and blog design for any project
  • For any event: birthday card maker, wedding invitation maker, and other creator
  • Simple, and free image editing app
  • Photo collage maker, flier maker, banner maker for any occasion
  • Stunning Instagram Story templates
  • Design motivational quotes & humorous memes
  • Party invitation maker, school poster maker, video banner maker
  • For business: to make a logo graphic design, brochure, resume, presentation, or promo poster maker

3. InShot

Good apps to edit your instagram story
InShot app

Like as Unfold apps, InShot can edit the photo or video with easier. So that, InShot was downloaded by millions people, have a good ratings, and many positive reviews.

This is because InShot provides a very complete editor feature for free. So, you can find many features, such as add the filters, increase the photo quality, and set the video display.

On the other hand, you can also add the music to photos and videos with InShot. Surely, your insta story will be more beautiful and awesome.

But for more complete features, you can buy the pro version of inShot.

InShot Features :

  • Trim and cut video
  • Pro video cutter & trimmer.
  •  Video Splitter. Split videos into two parts, and Multi-split videos into several clips.
  •  Lots of stylish layouts.
  •  Unique filters , colorful backgrounds and blur background.
  •  Multiple ratios supported. Cute frame and fun memes.
  •  Add awesome text on video, because many fonts for the text editing.
  •  Add animated stickers and emoji.
  •  Video Converter and Photo Slideshow Maker


4. Hypetype

Hypetype will help you to create beautiful IG story
Hypetype App

The next best editor app for create insagram story is Hypetype.

You can insert an animation text on the instagram story using Hypetype. This is the one of popular apps that many used.

Hypetype provides a lots selection of text, and good animation that can make your insta story more beautiful.

Surely, this apps is available for android and iOs version. So, you can download for free on the Google Play Store and Apps Store.

Hypetype Features :

  • Dozens of well designed text layouts.
  •  Edit color of mojo text layouts.
  •  Edit speed of legend text animation.
  •  Keep updating more text layouts,animations and prequel templates.


5. Over

Create your insta stories design with over app
Over app

The number 5 is Over, I think this apps is more powerful than other editor on mobile apps. You can choose the many perfect template or create your own design.

You can add unlimited photos in one frame, so that it becomes a huge photo collage accordance with your creations and creativity.

Besides that, there are lots of other options, like as add a background, good stickers, graphic, awesome fonts, and many more options.

Over Features :

  • 84,000+ graphics
  •  350+ fonts
  •  500+ customisable templates
  •  Unlimited access to the coolest stock photos around
  •  New content added daily


6. StoryArt

Create aweome instagram story with storyart
StoryArt Apps

The continuous is StoryArt, this apps is special for story crator and complete with template, ig mojo pic collage & highlight cover maker.

Available a thousand story template to help you create the beautiful collage layouts for instagram stories.

StroyArt Features :

  • Edit your photo or video with filters or professional toolbox and make them amazing stories that get you likes and followers!
  •  Add high quality Instagram story templates with different styles and borders.
  • Create your original highlight cover with high quality logos and icons that makes your profile looks great and elegant.
  • Show your quotes, status, captions and quiz with a different style of the text

StoryArt is just available for mobile version,  that is android and iphone. So, you can download this apps on Playstore and Apps Store.

That is all our recommendation about the best apps to make instagram stories. Hopefully can useful for you who want to design the awesome insta story!

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