Monster Hunter World Iceborne Review: Story, Graphic, etc

mosnter hunter world iceborne

If you’re planning on buying MHW: Iceborne, you better knows Monster Hunter World: Iceborne reviews first. Even though this game has mostly good reviews, but that can’t guarantee you will like this game.

Because Monster Hunter is quite a niche game that not everybody can enjoy. This game has some similarity with Dark Soul or Sekiro which has a really hard difficulty and hardcore gameplay. So, make sure you read this review first before buying Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.


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Monster Hunter World review
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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is an expansion pack but with sequel like content. Even though Capcom said that MHWI is an expansion pack, but this game’s content is like a whole game. Even the price is just like the whole AAA game price.

Basically the story on Iceborne is continuing from the first Monster Hunter World. So, it will set after you beat Xeno Ji’va and continue the expedition on finding all elder dragons.

If you have played the first Monster Hunter World or any other Monster Hunter game, you must be notice that story isn’t the main focus on this game. But, Capcom keep serving an amusing and magical feels story about a hunter in an expedition.

So, the story isn’t much improve and relatively same with the original MHW. The only differences is you will meet a lot more monster, including a new elder dragon name Safi’ Jiva.


As for the gameplay, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

As for the gameplay, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne really do a lot of improvement. Capcom made some balancing for the weapons. So there won’t any weapon that too strong or too weak. Even though, there’s still about 12 weapon type.

There’s also new feature named Layered Armor. Which is really similar with Transmog in Monster Hunter Generation and Monster Hunter Generation Ultimate. Basically, you can use a another armor set as a costume only. So, you can make armor with same skill set but different appearances.

Another gameplay differences from Monster Hunter World and Iceborne is a new grappling hook features. This kinda a secondary weapon that has similar effect like mounting. Basically, you’ll grappling hook will pull you into a specific monster’s area and you can attack it until the monster become stagger.

There’s also a bunch of new move set on Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. But, you’ll be quickly familiar with it through the game. So it wasn’t a big deal.


Next Monster Hunter Iceborne review is about graphic. Comparing to the original MHW, Iceborne still has a same graphic. With most powerfull quality is on 4K 60FPS.

But comparing from the last Monster Hunter title, which is Monster Hunter Gen Ultimate in Nintendo Switch, Iceborne really has a lot better graphic. Capcom now begin to made more realistic like both for the environment, monster, and armor model.

Since the Monster Hunter Gen Ultimate still use like a cartoony graphic. It’s not bad though, but Monster Hunter Iceborne graphic obviously looks better.

There’s also some minor in game detail that make Iceborne more realistic. Such as, your footstep mark will remain in the snow map until there’s another footstep or a monster mark.

So, that is Monster Hunter World: Iceborne review you need to know before buying. The conclusion is, if you’ve played MHW before and like it, It’s most likely you’ll like MHWI as well. But if you haven’t and you don’t like a try hard game, maybe MHWI is not the most suitable game for you.

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