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Nioh 2 Review: Gameplay, Plot & Everything New

nioh 2 review

Nioh 2 release date just passed by. Even though some media and reviewers got this game slightly faster, about 2 or 3 days ago, but the actual release date is on March 13th, which is today. Just like any other new release games, you should read Nioh 2 review first before decided to buy it.


Nioh 2 developed by the same company on its first game, which is Team Ninja and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment on worldwide version and Koei Tecmo for Japan. But, it set in about 1500’s, before the first Nioh start. So playing it without playing the first one won’t make you confused with the plot.

Alright enough with the unveiling, now let’s jump into the detail about Nioh 2.

Everythings New in Nioh 2

Nioh 2 will release soon
Female character in Nioh 2

One of the biggest changes in Nioh 2 is now you can make your customized character. Since on the first Nioh, you’ll be playing only as western samurai named William Adams. But instead, your journey will be accompanied by Toyotomi Hideyoshi as your guide.

Other than that, there’s also some new movement and attack gesture. Such as, now you can use a Yokai power, there’s a new melee weapon, etc.

There’s also a huge improvement on the character design. You’ll see darkest, scariest, beast-like creature to fight. But, it still has a unique aspect to show that those creatures are from Yokai.


Comparing to the first titles, Nioh 2 has more “Dark Soul” feels in it. Especially on how you fight the enemy. You’ll need to observe every monster movement, traps, adapting to new weapons, roll, and more rolls. You’ll likely die a hundred times on the first run. But that’s where the fun came from.

As been said before, there’s some new melee weapon on this game. In total, there’s 9 melee weapons with each different playstyle and skill tree, two types of magic, and 8 stats that fully customizable for your playstyle.

Other than looting and killing monsters, you also will spend a ton of hours deciding how you built your character stat and looking for the most suitable playstyle. Because if not, it’ll make your game way more harder.

Talk about loot, Nioh 2 weapon and equipment drop percentage isn’t as hard as MMORPG games. Even exotic weapons drop like candy in this game. But, you can use this loot for other useful things. Like offering it to shrine for extra health elixir.


As been already said before, Nioh 2 sets in the late 1500s, which makes this game a prequel of the first Nioh. But the overall story is still quite the same.

You’ll be exploring a world of feudal Japanese warlords with Samurai and Yokai creatures. If you haven’t known yet, Yokai is Japanese Underworld tales.

Even though the story isn’t the most important aspect in Nioh 2, but it still enjoyable, light and easy to understand. There’s no complicated part like betraying each other, political things on one warlord to another, etc.

That is all for Nioh 2 review for you. If you like “Soul” games or Japanese feudal- theme games, maybe you’ll like Nioh 2. But if you’re looking for a casual game for leisure, this isn’t your best choice.

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