6 Best PC Games for Kids, Suitable for All Ages!

Best pc game for kids and suitable for all ages

Finding the best PC game for your kids is very important. They have to play a game based on their age. It may be a little bit confusing to find the best game for kids because there are a lot of games out there.

Here, we try to help you by giving the list of games for kids. Some of the games are considered a fun game for kids.

The Best Children’s Game to Play on PC

#1. Sago Mini Friends

Sago mini friends
Sago mini friends

If you want to boost your kid’s creativity, dexterity, and puzzle-solving ability, just let them play Sago Mini Friends. It is one of the most interesting free video games for kids along with colorful characters and cute detail.

Kids have to choose a character and explore neighborhoods’ houses. Your kids have to do some simple and fun tasks such as dressing-up, hammering nails, or enjoying delicious snacks. This game also makes kids learn about empathy in which the characters will look glum because of a particular case.

The detail looks bright and cheerful and they will love this game. Sago Mini Friends game is available in Android, iOS, and PC version and without adds.

#2. Lego Creator Islands

Lego island is the best games for kids to play on pc
Lego island

It can be the top PC game out now for kids. Who doesn’t know Lego? Most kids or even adults know about Lego. Besides playing the real toy, kids can play the virtual version entitled Lego Creator Islands.

The idea of the virtual version is similar to the real toy where kids will play with bricks. In this game, players have to collect as many bricks so they can buy Lego sets. Then, they can construct the sets. You don’t need to worry because kids just need to do a few simple taps to construct the sets.

The fun part is when your kids collect a variety of items such as houses, vehicles, or blocky critters. Let your kids play the game online comfortably without any adds. Due to the popularity of the toy, it seems that your kids can spend a few hours playing Lego Creator Islands.

#3. Cube Slam

Cube slam can played for kids
Cube slam

Cube Slam is still a great game for kids although it is only created on the 3D version. The challenge of this game is to beat a bear. Kids can also play with their friends by choosing the multiplayer option.

The way to fight against the opponent is simple in which your kids have to move the bat left or right to deflect a ball. Moreover, they also have to smash on the shields that protect the bear.

The task is more challenging with a variety of features such as the invisible balls, extra blocks, power-ups, and limited time. Based on the detail, it is one of the recommended play childrens games online.

#4. World’s Biggest Pac-Man

Pac-man legendary game for kids

Pac-Man is a legendary and iconic game for years. The game is extremely simple so kids will love to play it. The World’s Biggest Pac-Man is the latest version of the Pac-Man game. Due to the internet technology and online system, players get hundreds of thousands of mazes.

The task of the game is still the same in which you will become a yellow emoticon character who eats the small dots around the area. At the same time, you also have to keep away from the colorful monsters otherwise they will eat you.

You have three opportunities to clear each of the areas. If you don’t have any opportunity left, it means the game is over and you have to start the game from the beginning. Since it is the biggest Pac-Man in the world, the difficulty level will be a little bit harder. Despite the difficulty level, this game is suitable for all ages including your kids.

#5. Toca kitchen 2 Game

Toca kitchen 2 the best game for kids
Toca kitchen 2

The next fun game that your kids can play is Toca Kitchen 2. This game is usually played on tablet. This game is suitable for your daughter because this game is all about cooking. There will be some recipes to create delicious meals and your kid will be able to create their own recipe too.

This game also can be found in android version and you must pay this game when you want iOS version of this game.

#6. Minecraft

Minecraft for your kids

This is also a phenomenal PC game and considered one of the best games for PC. Microsoft Studio develops this game to boost the imagination and creativity of the players including kids. Players can explore a variety of worlds and they have to survive from the dangers, especially at night.

You can let your kids play the free version and the premium version. For a more complete world and task, just get the premium version. The premium version consists of Greek mythology mash-up, plastic texture pack, skin pack 1, and villains skin pack.

Kids need your help in particular parts such as when they have to buy specific items on the marketplace. The good news is that the developer often gives great deals. For example, players receive up to 700 mine coins so they can buy something in the marketplace.

This game is for those who are using Windows 10 system on their PC. If you want to know whether your kids will love it or not, just let them play the trial mode first for free.

Those all our recommendation about the best games for your kids, and certainly suitable for all ages. Improve your kids creativity and imagination with those game.

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