Persona 5 Royal Review: Gameplay and Story

After almost about 6 months after the Japanese release and 4 years since the original title release, Persona 5 Royal finally coming to worldwide in March 31st. And now, it’s time to look for Persona 5 Royal review for the English version.


If persona 5 is your starts in Persona series, maybe you’ll wonder what’s the difference between the first title. Because everyone said this isn’t the sequel to Persona 5.

Because Persona 5 Royal is an expansion pack or extended version of the first title that sold in full game price. Just like Persona 3 FES or Persona 4 Golden. As for the actual sequel, Capcom already making Persona 5 Scramble that continuing the story after Persona 5 ending.

Persona 5 Royal Story Review

One of the reasons why Persona 5 can make a worldwide success with the JRPG genre is because this game has an enthralling, fun, and relatable story. Even though of course, we can’t use our persona in real life and fight shadow in palace or stuff.

Persona 5 Royal itself has about 30 more hours exclude the original Persona 5 story. So in total, it’s about 130 to 150 in-game hours.

The story also still relatively the same with the first title. You’ll be playing as a Japanese student who needs to deal with an abusive and arrogant teacher who act nice in front of the public. In order to make him reveal his true self and admit all his crime, you need to change his heart from the Palace, a different world that place inside his heart.

After that, you continue the journey with your friend and saving people from the adult who act as they like and planning to reform society. I’m trying my best not to give any spoiler, but that’s Persona 5 Royal story in the nutshell.

And then, Persona 5 Royal has the third semester going with a new story that didn’t include in Persona 5. There’s also a new character named Kasumi Yoshizawa that plays a major role in the series.

Persona 5 Royal New Gameplay Features

Overall, Persona 5 Royal still has the same turn-based gameplay as it’s first title. But there’s some new adjustment and new playable persona you can fuse. And now you can use new features in battle, that is grappling hook.

As the everyday life as a student, you’ll get new outfits, places to hang out, and new confidant as well. Other than Kazumi, there’s also another new confidant named Mayuki that works as counseling in Shujin Academy.

Talk about confidant, Goro Akechi’s social link will be extended as well in Persona 5 Royal. Because Akechi will also play a major role in this game.

As for the other playable characters like Ann, Makoto, Haru, and others will get a 3rd evolution. So everyone will get 3 evolution for their persona.

So for the conclusion, is Persona 5 Royal worth for your money and time? The answer depends. If you like JRPG with heavy grinding and +100 in-game hours, then Persona 5 Royal is worth it. Either you have or haven’t played the first game.

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