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persona 5 scramble release date us

Huge announcement about Persona 5 Scramble releases in Japan a few days ago made a lot peoples wonder, when is Persona 5 Scramble Release Date US? If you are wondering the same things, we’ll break things about Persona 5 Scramble and the possibility for western adaptation.

Since Persona 5 has made a huge success in worldwide, Atlus back with the new sequel that we have been waiting for. The thing is, this sequel’s western release haven’t confirmed so far.

But, we’ll still give you some information about Persona 5 Scramble and some rumors about its western release date.

Every New Things in P5S

Persona 5 scramble will realese on 31 march 2020


The most important things about Persona 5 Scramble that you need to know is, this game not fully developed by P- Studio like the other Persona game. This game developed by collaboration between Omega Force and P – Studio.

If you’re not familiar with Omega Force, they are the same developer who made Dynasty Warrior game, including Warrior Orochi and Dynasty Warrior Gundam. So, the gameplay is 1vs100 real time action, just like the Dynasty Warrior series.

But, the plot and story in Persona 5 Scramble is still related with the original Persona 5. In fact, this is an official sequel for Persona 5, since Persona 5 Royal just an expansion pack.

So, if you haven’t played Persona 5 yet, you need to play Persona 5 Royal First. But if you have, you can either play Persona 5 Scramble or Persona 5 Royal.

The other things you need to know about Persona 5 Scramble is this game has a different director. Even though the story still related from Persona 5, but this game directed by Mumon Usuda and Daisuke Kaneda.

It’s because the original Persona 5 is the last Katsura Hashino’s Persona game he directed. He hands off Persona game after making it for almost 20 years directing and designing most of Shin Megami Tensei game. So, we can’t expect the game would be exact same like the last Persona game.

Other than that, it’s obvious that Persona 5 Scramble will have a lot of new character. One of them is, Zenkichi Hasegawa, an adult persona wielder that will be a playable character. Zenkichi Hasegawa and his persona, Valjean, first reveal was on the newest trailer that came out a few week ago.

Persona 5 Scramble Release Date US and JP

Persona 5 Scramble release date for Japan is quite obvious. It’s February 20th 2020 or 02202020. Since it was all over the trailer. If you live in Japan or Asia, you can play this game from about yesterday or a few days ago.

The official demo also has been release for a couple weeks. The problem is, so far Persona 5 Scramble is Japan only game. The only way to play it if you can’t speak Japanese is by using Google Translate instant translation.

As for Persona 5 Scramble release date US, there’s no confirm yet from Atlus. Some rumors tell that they do make a western version. But there’s no specific date yet.

Certainly Persona 5 Scramble release date US will be a couple months after Persona 5 Royal release in US on March 31st. So, be patient with it. If you are not, learn Japanese language then. If you cannot either, then play with Google Translate instant translation aiming to the in game dialog box.

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