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√ The Witcher 3 Switch After Patch Review

the witcher 3 review switch

2020 become one of the best The Witcher years, since they sold 665% higher after The Witcher 3 Switch release. Actually, Switch version is not the only reason why suddenly The Witcher 3 selling become massively high. The other reason is because CD Projects Red also make The Witcher live action version that release on Netflix, which now going to Season 2.

the witcher 3 switch review

But since the new Switch version also coming out on late 2019 and there’s a new patch few weeks ago, it’ll be nice to make The Witcher 3 Switch review after 2020 patch.

So for you who haven’t buy this game yet or don’t know what the patch is all about, maybe this article can help you deciding to buy or not.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gameplay & Plot

The Witcher 3 still has a same gameplay and plot both for Xbox One, PC, PS4, or Nintendo Switch. Since it was a port version anyways, not a remake or something.

But if you haven’t known yet, basically you’ll be playing as Geralt of Rivia, a legendary witcher who work for a bounty hunter. So, you’ll get a task from villager for slaying a monster or creatures. But in this series, Geralt has more task than just completing villager task.

He given an important task by his long lost lover named Yennefer to find Ciri, a daughter of the Emperor Emphyr. Long story short, Geralt need to find Ciri in order to save the emperor.

But the story isn’t as simple as that. The Witcher 3 providing a deep, detailed, and captivating story. This game also has a butterfly effect system. So you’ll have choices that will determine the ending you’ll get.

In fact, there are 38 different ending you get on this game. So playing a new game + for more than 30 times still can give you a new experience.

As for the gameplay, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has an action RPG with real time battle gameplay. You can use sword as your main weapon and some sort of magic, since Geralt is a witcher.


The Witcher 3 Switch Graphic

Many people curious about how The Witcher graphic will be in Nintendo Switch. Because this game is AAA game who can run 4K 60FPS on PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and PC. But of course Nintendo Switch isn’t powerful enough to run that.

The Switch version only can run at 540P 30FPS on portable mode and 720p 30FPS on dock mode. You’ll also notice a lower quality texture on environment. Also the draw distance is quite near, not as far as the Xbox One, PS4, or PC one.


After Patch Review

Recently, there’s more features and upgrade after CPR release patch v3.6. Now, you can use a cross save features from Steam and GOG to your Switch. So if you have play this game on PC and want to try on Switch without making a new character, you can just use you Steam save file.

There’s also more graphical option in the setting menu. So you can make the graphic a bit more sharp and smooth. Like upscaling the texture, making more far draw distance, and stuff like that.

So that is all for The Witcher 3 Switch review. If you haven’t play this game yet at PC or other console, obviously The Witcher 3 on Switch is very worth buying. But if you have and don’t want to play the portable version but with slight downgrade performance, maybe it’s not that worth your money.

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